Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday Pam's Grungy Jars

As promised I put together Pam's Grungy Jar tutorial for you. Don't remember Pam? Well, click here and I'll refresh your memory. Have fun!!!!

So let's get started...

Things you will need:

glass jars (clean pickle jars, mayo jars, or condiment jars work great. I used Ball jars.)

Glue or Modge Podge just make sure it dries clear

coffee grounds (I take my used coffee grounds and spread them out on a paper towel on a paper plate and allow them to dry completely. Then just put them in a ziploc bag to store until you are ready to use them. Just leave the top unzipped so if there is any humidity left the coffee won't mold.) Or you can buy really cheap coffee grounds. If you want to use instant coffee grounds you can BUT it won't turn out like mine. It will look more liquidity or like Stacie's I posted a pic after the tutorial.

Other spices you may like to use. I used cinnamon. You will not smell them when you are done so you can use just about anything you have in your cupboards.

Labels if you choose. I found these pics online. There are other places you can go to get free ones also. You don't have to use them if you so choose.

A paint brush and something to hold your glue. Pam gave me the idea to use one of my old scoops from my laundry detergent.

And of course something to protect your work space. I use aluminum foil.

First, if you choose to use labels glue them to your jar. Let them dry or otherwise they may slide around.

This is where you get creative. Dump a pile of coffee and in this case cinnamon in the middle of your workspace. Then mix them all together into one pile.

After the label has dried, you will start painting the glue on your jar. I like to work in small areas. Then take your coffee/cinnamon mixture and start sprinkling it on. Tap the bottom of the jar every now and again to get the excess mixture off. You will have light areas. It's OK because we will put another coat on.

Both my jars first coat are done. I put a coat on the bottom, but you don't have to. You can leave it clear. I put them upside down to dry. Make sure they are entirely dry.

Ok is yours dry yet? I see you shaking your head yes. Well... lets go ahead and put the second coat on. Do it the same as you did the first. Paint the glue on and sprinkle the coffee mix on. You can pat it lightly on if you want. I prefer the sprinkle method.

Again, let it dry completely. You can add as many coats as you want, but I only did two. If it is dry we will move on to the last step. If you'd like to skip this step you can, but be aware your coating will rub off and leave coffee grounds everywhere. OK don't want the mess? Just brush on a final coat of glue only and let it dry. This is why it's important you use clear drying glue.

You are now ready to decorate as you like. Mine take on a darker harder look when done.

If you use instant coffee and ginger yours might turn out like Stacie's.

Like I said I used the same technique on these Goodwill candles. Remember these will now only be for decorative purposes. I won't burn these.



I hope you had fun today. I will try to completely finish mine Thursday or Friday and show you. I figured since I told you I would have the tutorial done today I would post the basic steps. If you have any questions please give me a holler.
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  1. Great tutorial! I will have to try this!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. This was a great tut and so easy to follow.
    I copied and pasted it in a document so I would have it!!!


  3. Great tutorial! I usually use the instant coffee. But I am going to try the coffee grounds. TFS!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial..I haven't used coffee before but I will next time!

  5. Hi Mary!!!!

    It's me Robin!!! (big smile)

    I loved this tutorial and could almost smell the cinnamon and coffee as you were making them.

    I hope to be around more-Our daughter blessed us with a grand daughter who I am now raising (she's almost 2 yrs old) I am JUST now getting the hang of having a baby around and getting things done around the house (Yeah, I know it only took me a couple of years to figure it all out, I tend to be a "little" slow!) :)

    Hope you are doing well-Missed you!


  6. Thanks for sharing this, I want to try it!
    Your jars are cute!
    have a nice fall day

  7. Thanks for sharing this, I want to try it!
    Your jars are cute!
    have a nice fall day

  8. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mary for this tutorial! I will try the jars later, but I have a whole bunch of candles upstairs from GW stashed away and I'm definitely giving this a try on those! Thanks for sharing, Mary!

    Have a great evening! :)

  9. Thank you for this -- what great jars! Do you have a place you'd recommend getting labels from? I LOVE the witch :-) Thanks again, Tamara

  10. Thanks for sharing Mary!!!
    I need to try this-love the labels!
    That will look great for Halloween.

    Have a nice weekend

  11. I tried to "like" this post, then remembered I wasn't on facebook, haha! Looks easy enough and not near as messy as my grungy wax mess.

  12. This is probably a stupid question...but here goes, lol....can you just use the coffee straight out of the can or does it have to be used coffee grounds?

  13. You can absolutely use grounds straight out of the can! :-) I have done it several times.


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