Monday, June 25, 2012


Let's see where should I start?  First, I must apologize to everyone who has been leaving kind comments recently.  I have been a bad blogger and not replied back.  I have let myself get overwhelmed recently with a lot of things.  I'm not back on track, but I'm working on it.  It's no excuse but I just want to say I'm sorry.  Also a big Thank You to all of you who have purchased my newest patterns.  I really appreciate your feedback!!!!

Ok, that being said I had a HUGE weight lifted off of my shoulders today... It finally came.  The final discharge for my bankruptcy.

 Now, to get back on track and rebuild my credit.  My goal is to save for a down payment on a house I can call my own in the next few years.  Though recently I've been thinking... do I really want to buy a house seeing as though I'm closing in on 40 and to think about a 30 year loan.  Uggghhh I don't want to be 70 and still paying on my house.  I'm sure a different car will be in the future before the house, so I need to more than likely get one of those.  Fingers crossed it won't be soon.  My car is doing just fine knock on wood. 

I also wanted to show you the final pictures for now of newest decorating I showed you awhile back. The original post was here.  I only made a few changes, but I like it for now.

 I hung one of my stitcheries on the cupboard door.  This was a huge first for me.  Putting holes in it. lol

 I added one of my wax eagles to the sifter.

 The picture under the shelf was a flea market find for $6.00!!!!!!

Added one of Steve's candle shelves instead of the candle on a pan.

Saturday we had a graduation party to attend and I finally talked Steve into leaving early and taking me to some antiques stores that are along the way.  I haven't been to these stores in a very long time.  I found this next treasure at the Seville Antique store.  Let me tell you this IS the best store for early American antiques.  Anyway, I found this HUGE bowl that's about 18" across and 5 inches deep.  It still has the old patina and has been untouched.  I just LOVE the cracks!!!!  I got this at a very good price!!!!  Now I will be selling some of my repro bowls soon.  I've decided to slowly change over to real wood bowls and every time I buy one I have to sell 2 repros.

The next treasure was from my Mom.  This shelf was made by my Grandpa for my Grandma.  I'm not sure when he made it because I remember my Grandpa being mostly blind for a lot of my life.  I just LOVE it, but I'm still trying to decide where to put it.

I work the next 2 days and will be off for Thursday through Sunday.  I have some crafting to do, but I'm also meeting up with Rhonda from My Glory Stars as she finished my barter goodie.  I can't wait to get it!!!!  I will be in the Ashland Ohio area to get it.  I plan on visiting some good fabric or prim stores while I'm there.  If you know of any please give me a holler. :-)  The Gleaner Antique store is on my list already. lol.

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Pattern Now Available...

Happy Weekend everyone!!!! I have finally finished my last pattern for awhile.  No worries I'm sure I'll be back at it soon. :-)  I have a few other projects I need to get busy on.  I have a few pattern ideas rolling around, but I've been asked to make a few decorative mice to sell, sooooo... I need to get cracking on a pattern for that. lol

So here it is...

"Life At Sea"

This pattern is available in PDF or hard copy by mail.  PDF downloads allow you to receive your patterns much quicker than regular mail.  The patterns are $7.50 for PDF and $10.00 for a mailed copy which includes shipping.  Patterns include a color photo, chart, and legend. If you purchase a pattern and are having a hard time seeing it please ask for a bigger chart version.  This is of course no extra charge.  I'm happy to help :-) As always please email me to order.  My email address can be found in my side bar.

In case you missed I released two other patterns ("In God We Trust" and "Lizzie Klapp 1825")  a few days ago.  Just scroll down to my last post to take a look!

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now Available...

I just wanted to announce the release of my two newest cross stitch patterns.  They are both available in PDF or hard copy by mail.  PDF downloads allow you to receive your patterns much quicker than regular mail.  The patterns are $7.50 for PDF and $10.00 for a mailed copy which includes shipping.  Patterns include a color photo, chart, and legend.

Please email me to order.  I prefer payment by Paypal, but will take money orders or cashier checks.

"In God We Trust"

I also decided to make this next one available by an overwhelming response on Facebook.

Lizzie Klapp 1825

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wax Covered Faux Fruit Tutorial....Well Sort Of...

I was asked by a friend on Facebook whether I had a tutorial on how to prim faux fruit.  I told her I did not, but that there were several tutorials on the web that might help.  This tutorial (click on the word to be taken there) is done by another great blogger... I told her that wax covered grubbied with coffee grounds and cinnamon was a great option though.  This was a really dumb option to give out since I personally have never done it. LOL.  I told her that I had some pears that I would try to get too on my days off last weekend.  I thought Sunday was the perfect day since it was rainy and nasty out.  This is how they turned out.

First things first....

I got out my trusty wax melting pot (you could also use the double broiler method), a box of thrift store pears, and a thrift store candle.  You will also need coffee grounds and ground cinnamon.  I normally go to Family Dollar, Save a Lot or wherever to buy really cheap coffee grounds. IMPORTANT: Do not buy instant coffee this is regular coffee grounds.  You could also save money by drying out your coffee grounds from your coffee pot by putting them on paper towels to dry out for a few days.  This candle did not smell too much, but since this was a "I have no idea what I'm doing craft" it didn't matter to me.  I would guess you could have strong smelling wax or you could scent your wax.  Now from what I've read many candles, when melted down, become clear wax.  This one in particular did. Either way didn't matter to me whether it stayed tan or not.  I decided I wanted to try this with it clear.  You could add old crayons to change the color if you choose to black or brown or whatever color you want. If you'd like a quick "blackened faux fruit"tutorial try HERE. Let your wax melt completely to liquid. Hint: You will need to turn the pot onto high if you want it to melt.  Those floaties are coffee grounds.  I'll explain this in a minute why they're there.

These pears were a little tricky due to their shape when you dip and roll.  Apples would be easy peasy to do.  Anyway, as I told you I like to share my mistakes with you because when you try new things it's bound to happen.  Don't think it never happens to me because it happens a lot!!! LOL.  That is why the coffee grounds are in the wax a learning curve.

With these pears I dunked them in two steps... top and then bottom or vice versa.  The point is I dunked half at a time.  They are easier to hold onto to.  Once they fall completely in they're hard to get out. 

Alright, so dunk your half in then pull it out and go quickly to your awaiting paper plate of coffee grounds and cinnamon mix.  Just mix it however you like.

Take your fruit and roll it around a little while the wax is still hot and liquidy. I also like to sprinkle the mixture on too if the coverage isn't that great.

Now dunk the other half and do the same thing.  This is where some of your coffee grounds and cinnamon may come off into the wax that you previously put on. Then set them on either wax paper or aluminum foil to set up.

Truth be told this is where my theory started to break down that I thought I knew what I was doing. LOL.  I know that the coffee and cinnamon would not stay on there if left alone.  The slightest of handling would knock it off and make a mess.  So, how was I going to fix this.  The light bulb went off and I thought let's redunk it in the wax. Yeah that'll work. NOT!!!! If the wax is still hot it will totally melt off everything you just did. Lesson number one.  OK  redo that pear.  Alright maybe if I let the wax cool a little it won't melt the original wax.  Let's try that.  Nope that's not going to work either.  The wax became white! Grrrrr.... now what?!?!?!

Please stand by we are having technical difficulties. LOL.  What do I have on hand that I can use to set these stupid pears that I shouldn't have said I knew how to do.  Me and my big mouth. I don't want to let my friends down.  I know they'd LOVE to make these at home.  Walk away Mary Walk Away....

OK a few hours later the light bulb went off.  Somewhere around this house I have a matte sealer in a spray can.  That would work perfect!!!! Ummmm ok I don't have any after I looked. Now what ?!?!?!? hmmmm... as I'm rummaging around I found some spray adhesive in a can.  hmmmm.... should work like glue right?  So with short little blasts of spray on the pears I covered them with spray adhesive then sprinkled some extra cinnamon on them. Warning: don't do it without gloves.  That adhesive is horrible to get off your skin!!!! I did find that nail polish remover worked though other than it messed up my painted nails. :-/ Ahhh the price to pay to craft.

The ones on the left were original... the ones on the right were sprayed and cinnamon dusted.

You could achieve the same look with watered down modge podge or white glue since both dry clear.  Just brush it on lightly with an old small paintbrush and sprinkle with cinnamon.  This is where the wax fruit sort of comes into play. lol.  Yes we used wax originally, but we didn't end with it.  I'm sure there is a way to do it, but I didn't figure it out.

I let them dry overnight.  Tapped them off so any extra coffee or cinnamon would come off and put them in a bowl.  They still smell pretty good like cinnamon since the adhesive set it on but didn't cover the scent.  You could probably spray each one with prim potpourri spray or room freshener if you have it on hand for a wonderful scent.

So, here you go.  My rendition of wax covered fruit.  As always questions, suggestions, or expertise are always welcome.  I will post any insights some of you may have to help all of us out. :-)

Have a great day!!!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Decorating Again...

Happy Weekend my friends!!!!  I know I said I was going to craft this weekend since I had 4 days off in a row, but instead I got the decorating bug.  Although yesterday I put a couple of things in the yard sale my neighbor was having since they are moving out at the end of the month.  They have been some of the best duplex neighbors I could have.  Anyway, I sold absolutely nothing so today I decided not to set up.  Instead what do I do??? Yep pull some of the things I was going to sell and start using them again. LOL.  I have also discovered while decorating that I just can't let go of my "clutter ways." I was trying to simplify, but today ummmm not so much. :/  OH well most of it isn't permanent so I can move it around if I need.

Sooo... here's a sneak peek at what I've done so far....

The chicken wire shelf was the trash pick I found a month ago. This is the only permanent thing I've done so far. I finally got Steve to fix it it and hang it. The pineapple cutting board was a Goodwill find (I just had to restain it), you remember the tote, and the red box (silverwear box) was a flea market find.  The courting candle was a yard sale reuse.  I already sold one of them off Facebook. lol.  The pantry cakes were a yard sale resuse too.

The candle holder was a yard sale reject. lol.  No one wanted it so I'm reusing. This is my stairway going upstairs.  That glass on my stitchery is suppose to be no glare. :-/

Please ignore the mess in the background.  This is what I do when I redecorate.  I just put stuff wherever til I decide what I'm going to do. LOL  This is the wall where the above rake was.  The table is my neighbors yard sale good. The cupboard I already had and was sitting in the basement. The three boxes to the left on the cupboard were flea market finds as was the wood lathe "rack."  I'm reusing the pantry cake the coffee stained muslin runner from my yard sale and the whisk broom was a Goodwill find.  The only thing I can't decide is whether to leave the shelf on the bottom of the table empty or not. I just want you all to see that you can achieve prim decorating from cheap odd finds with next to nothing money.  

So as you can see I'm back to my cluttery old self. LOL.  Oh well, I like it!!!!  Now if only I can get Steve to hang his flat screen TV back on the wall so I can redecorate the top of the cabinet. 

I think I may do a little bit of crafting here in a bit.  I have some fake pears just screaming for some attention.  I'm going to wax dip them.... I think.... LOL.  Hop you all have a wonderful Father's Day weekend.
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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Outside the Homestead... and a Finish

Yes, I finally got around to planting flowers over the Memorial Day weekend.  I know I'm a little late showing you, but I thought I'd share a little of the outside with you.  I'll take some better pictures once the flowers really start growing.  I'm not liking the window AC unit, but our central air unit doesn't keep the upstairs cool enough at night to sleep, so we had to buy it this year.

My bushes are unruly.  The landlord said he was coming to cut them back a few months ago. :/

I didn't plant any of the above flowers.  They come back every year since I moved in.

 I just LOVE purple.  It has always been my favorite color.

I finished my newest cross stitch " Life At Sea."  The actual stitching area is 11 1/4" by 6 1/4".  I don't have a frame as of now that will fit it so I'm still deciding how I'm going to finish it.  This actual piece will be for sale when I figure it out.  I will also work on getting the pattern together to sell along with 2 other patterns.  I'll let you know when they are ready.

There has been a question as to where you can find my booth for my friends in Ohio.  I would LOVE to email you, but I can't get your email address from your comments.  So, if you look in the right hand column there is a picture that says "Our Booth" I have the address written below so you can "look" us up.

I will be doing some crafting come Thursday as I have worked about 52 hours in the last 5 days and have another 24 hours to go tomorrow.  I'm taking a break from stitching and working on another quilt, but not before I get the mess I created in the basement cleaned up.  When I took the new piece to the booth I just sort of put stuff wherever there was an empty space.  My crafting table is covered in stuff.  So, now it's time to reorganize again.  uuuggghhh....

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recent Redo's

You might remember I told you I had decided to clean out the garage again.  I was getting tired of not being able to move around.  I still can't park in there, but I can move and sort better.  Yes, I was cleaning out again.  Most of the items I found I took to the booth this time.  I'm sure you could see by the pictures.  However, I can't take all the credit for my booth because my amazingly, talented, beautiful friends Michele, Rose, and Pam also put their amazing items in there too.  Thanks goodness because I think I'd get overwhelmed doing it all myself. 

Anyway, after cleaning up I came up with a huge redo pile.  This is despite getting rid of some other stuff that I know I won't redo because I don't have time and it just didn't strike me as to what I was going to do with it.  During my clean up my ADHD kicked in and I started redoing some things.  I guess I got bored cleaning and excited about redoing, so I stopped cleaning and started painting. lol

You remember this from my dry brush painting technique tutorial.


This shelf was from my country years...


After: Much better in black.  This is at the booth ready for a new owner.

I don't have a before picture, but it was a bright red pie cover.  Now it's in the process of a shoo fly screen. I still need a handle and maybe another coat or two of paint.

Remember this???? Yucky white...

After:  A warm brown though I think I'm going to add a little something more to make it look like a real brown wood.

I don't have a before but it was a galvanized metal that I repainted and re-electrified with Steve's guidance.  I'm debating whether or not to get a glass cover for it or leave it as is.

This was made out of pieces parts of metal.  I may repaint it to make it match, but I'm not sure. You can see the candle base is a different metal, but still I LOVE it.

Then finally I have coffee stained and framed some stitcheries so that I can finish patterns for them.   They will be available soon.

Well, I have a to do list a mile long so I better get busy. This is my weekend to work YUCK!  Hopefully I can work on my other stitchery some.  I want to get it finished up :-)  I will talk with you soon.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Booth Update

I'm at work as we speak and scheduled this post to post this morning.  We went to the booth and spruced up a bit.  I apologize for the grainy pictures, but I forgot my real camera and had to use my phone.


Stay tuned this week I have some new redo projects I'm working on :-)
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