Friday, February 21, 2014

How Does This Happen...

Good morning... wait early afternoon :-)  I hope none of you have blown away or floated down the river in this weather.  It is very windy outside the homestead today and in the forties.  After the really cold weather we've been having I'll take it! The snow is melting and I can see the grass.  It's still brown but nonetheless it's there. lol.

First, there was a question as to what color my dining room is in my last post.  I figured I would answer here for everyone to see.  It is called Bamboo and it is an Eddie Bauer color at Lowe's.  I LOVE this color and have used it for many years.  Depending on the light it can be green or brown. 

I have so many things on my mind that I can't concentrate on any one particular thing.  I should be preparing my lecture for tomorrow, or stitching on a customer's sampler, designing new samplers (which by the way had me up late thinking of new ones), and also hoping this job opportunity works out for me.  The coordinator emailed me again last night stating we really needed to seriously talk about it. I would be able to continue to do what I LOVE just in a better capacity.  The problem comes down to money.  Would I have to take a paycut? ugghhh... Only time will tell.   So, what do I do instead of what I should I rearrange my house. lol. 

This is where it all began and how I think...  This will be picture heavy but this is how my brain works when I decorate.

This is where it all started.  I put this little "stand" together Tuesday. I stacked two boxes. I left it there thinking it would grow on me.  Well, it didn't.  I thought it was too heavy looking.

Which led to this (ignore my son's coat and boots)... oohhh ahhhh "stacky boxes" as I call them. Nope not working for me either...

Next...  Do you like my faux rosemary topiaries I found at Goodwill?  I just plunked them in some crocks I had because they didn't come with vases or urns.  I think they will work nicely for Spring don't you?  Nope... still not working for me.

Almost there... I thought getting rid of the heater for the Spring and Summer would be a nice change.  Yeah yeah I see the Christmas sampler in the back ground. LOL  I haven't put it away yet.

Final picture...

It still isn't completely done I still need to "fluff" around the ends of the bench with crocks or other stuff. Now that I see it in a picture I'm not sure of the basket underneath.  Maybe an old wood box would be better.  I also want to make a garland for the mantle with some dried stuff I have laying around here.  I just need to have Steve help me with some drilling.  I'm sure this will change many more times before it's all over.

Stay tuned as I transform my home for Spring.  I'm ready to move out the dreary days of winter and onto lighter longer days of Spring :-)

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Primitive Stars said...

Hello, love seeing your cozy comfy home. Love it all so far, I too am so tired of winter and want lighter for Spring, Blessings Francine.

Penny said...

I, too, love seeing pics of your home and decorating... it is so inspirational! Love what you've done. Great score on the topiaries... they can be expensive if you buy them from specialty shops. Thinking spring here, too, and put out some pussy willows and forsythia.... it can't be long till spring arrives, can it?

Theresa F said...

I actually like the very first picture that you thought looked too heavy. Looks perfect to me. Your home really should be in Country Sampler. I love it.