Monday, June 22, 2020

Grain Sack Cleaning Update

After we spoke last I decided that I was kinda dumb.  I have a perfectly good washing machine that has a "soak" cycle.  Uh, why don't I use that?  So, I grabbed a few more bags and decided to soak those and the ones I  had in the sink.  I have been reading online different ways people have cleaned grain sacks.  I know it sounds silly, but I don't want to ruin them.  I mean if you could see and smell these bags you would think there is no way to ruin them.  

I grabbed the last of my Oxiclean, about 4 scoops full.  Threw it in my washer.  I have a top loader with an agitator.  I had to buy a new washer within the last year and let me tell you it was difficult to find.  I am truly a traditionalist when it comes to my washer and dryer.  PLUS I have a kiddo who would not be able to wash her own clothes if I got one with a lot of bells and whistles.  My last Whirlpool lasted about 15 years so that is what I went with on this one.  Anyway,  I then threw my sacks in and turned on the really hot water.  I used my large load function and let her fill up and turned it off. 

This was this morning when I got up.  It almost looks like coffee stain, but I assure you it does not smell like it and it is definitely something I would not drink.

Since I have never used my soak cycle I had no idea how to stop it. So, I found the owner manual online and figured it out.  All it does is let the water out.  It doesn't spin them at all.  Anyway, I figured they now needed to be washed.   I used my normal Arm and Hammer detergent AND added some Arm an Hammer washing soda to the load.  I was crossing my fingers and hoping they would clean up.

This is after the wash.  I decided to hang them dry for now until I decided if another washing is needed.  My son said he needed to do laundry tonight, so I can't do it tonight.  I sure wish I had a clothes line.  Oh well.  This will work.

Remember yesterday when I said these didn't have any writing on them?  Guess what!!!! I'm so excited.  Here all the bags were turned inside out. There are even some repairs made to them.  I LOVE it!

The one below had some bleeding of the blue ink :-(  

The one below is my absolute favorite because of the repairs. 

Some of them may be permanently stained, but I think it may be worth one more washing.  I still have some bags to wash.  The interesting thing about those is they are waterproof.  Like there is a coating on the inside of the bags.  The outside is canvas but inside a coating.  I tried researching bags like this, but found nothing.  They even say Bemis made them.  

I will show those once I can use my washing machine again.

We finally got rain last night and today. Hooray!!!! My flower gardens are rejoicing as are the weeds in my lawn. LOL.  We will be visiting my gardens soon. Until then have a wonderful day.  

Remember you can only control what's in your circle, so don't worry about the rest.

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  1. GOLD MINE for sure! They look great. Janice

  2. Wowsers! They came out incredible...and you have some real treasures there! I'd venture that another washing would do even more miracles. You did good girl! Glad to hear you got some rain....I was going to look into sending some your way....we've had more than enough LOL. ~Robin~

  3. Good evening Mary - I am so happy you got fantastic results washing the bags!!! I understood completely about 'ruining' them - we want to keep the old look and not get rid of it.
    The bags are wonderful - I have some from my uncle's mother (uncle by marriage)...but they are soooo faded. I think she used them as well, but not like we do but for daily purposes.
    We have the front loading washer and I tell you I do not like it...I don't want ours to break down but I so want a top loader again with an agitator!!!!
    We got tons of rain late this afternoon and early evening...much needed.


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