Thursday, June 5, 2008

All in a Day's Work

It is as hot as blazes here... whew!!!! They say in Ohio wait 10 minutes and the weather will change. There is some truth to that. Last week I was telling you how cold it was, well... I bite my tongue to tell you it is 90 degrees and humid as all get out. Luckily I am at work for the next 24 hours where I have air conditioning. We haven't turned ours on at home yet. We like to have our windows open and the breezes blowing in along with our ceiling fans going. Our house stays pretty cool even though we have no mature trees near us.

Today was eventful as we (EMS) had to go with the fire department to an electrical pole fire. Now imagine standing out in the sun in navy blue uniforms, leather boots, in the direct sunlight, with a fire blazing. I tell you I was sweating in places no one should be sweating. LOL. We were there for about 3 hours until the electric company decided to show up to do their job. Of course, like always, we had to redirect traffic and being a woman not too many drivers or pedestrians take me seriously. I tell them they can't go a certain way and they do it anyway. GRRRR... That just sets me off. However, one of the power company looks at my badge and says "oh so you're a Captain" I say "yes sir I am why?" "No reason let me find out if we can release you yet." Mind you this is the first person from the electrical company to talk to me, but they talked to all the other men that were there. This was after we had been standing there for three hours watching the pole burn. Just a note it's not a good idea to put out an electrical fire out with water...that's why we let it burn. Anyway, I'm off my soapbox now. Things will never change in the fire service around here.
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Ann-Marie said...

For the record I would totally respect you and if you said don't turn left , I wouldn't.