Friday, June 27, 2008

And now the Rest of the Story....

I promised to load the rest of the pictures last night, but we had some really bad thunderstorms and decided to stay off the computer in case the electric went out. We did learn to always have a battery backup for your computer though. That way you can shut it down correctly.

So where were we... oh yes complaining about my laundry/bathroom. Looking straight in the room I have a window. Not just any old window, but a BIG window at the far side of the room. Nothing like sitting on the toilet contemplating life looking out the window at nature while nature calls. Oh did I forget to mention that if you have people over on the back deck they can look in and see you minding your own business. And of course the stand up shower is right there too. Do you see why this is the man bathrom? Most men would care less if anyone saw them. Now in defense we don't have real close neighbors and it is in the back of the house, but still shades come closed when people are visiting.

Working our way back toward the door is the toilet and sink area. Now I don't know about you or if you have done this so please bare with me. Please don't ever spray paint a bathroom vanity with black flat spray paint. Every drip mark or water shows on that thing. Now I love the black as a matter of fact I had painted the last vanity at the old house black too but it wasn't a flat paint. Now I must warn you no holes were pounded in the walls by me ....yet. I have used all the holes made by the previous owner until I repaint. So I had to make things do.

Then think about this... and those of you who have kids can appreciate this. You are in the bathroom for your moment of solitude during the day and WHAM!!!! the door pops open in comes the kids to ask a question that just could not wait until you came out. Now look closely at the toilet picture. Does it look like the door would miss you.... NOOOOOOOOO..... it slams open and hits you in the knees. OUCH!!!!! LOL. Just at normal open the door comes open enough to touch the toilet. And of course we have the painted wood floors to contend with. I love wood floors don't get me wrong, but for the little man in my life sometimes that toilet was too high or the aim was off not sure which. The woodwork is a weird grey color to go with the lavendar walls, but the front of the door is white. WHAT????? I have no idea what they were thinking. LOL. But don't you just love the solid wood door. I would love to try to scrape the paint off and go natural wood, but not sure if hubby will let me. All my baseboards are 8 inches high too. That about sums up the first stop in our tour of the Olde Farmhouse. Hope you enjoyed your visit... and when we move on to other rooms at least you'll know where the bathroom is if you need it. LOL.
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My Simple Life said...

Your home is very beautiful and inviting, I love the light coming through, looks peaceful.

This simple Life said...

I love the old high baseboards.
And I would so scrape that door. I bet it looks fabulous under that paint. And if not you can always paint it again.

I had a bathroom that had the toilet paper holder clear on the other side of room. You had to get up to get it.
It was one of those ceramic ones that are right into the wall.

Raggedy Angel said...

I know about those bathroom moments, mine are 17 and 12 and they still do it.

Jo-Anne said...

You make me laugh...
With two boys and a hubby, I know what you are talking about when you mention "aiming"....:)
The bathroom looks great! I LOVE it. Can't wait to see the rest of the house.

kmclaughlin said...

my toliet paper holder is BEHIND me when you sit on the throne... lol
its crazy!!
gotta love kids!!

Songbirdtiff said...

I wonder why they didn't hang the bathroom door to open the other way. Oh well, you've got a funny story. :)

Leslie said...

I love your posts! LOL You sound LIKE me!

Your home is beautiful, there is just some work to be done. I'm sure in time you will get these things accomplished :)

I had to chuckle about the window and your company, because my grandparents built their house 12 ywears ago and it was like that! They didn't want curtains either because they lived back off the road and said nobody could see in. Nobody but people walking around your back yard! I remember they made fun of me for shutting the blinds in their camper, too when I went to change or take a shower at the Fair. We're shoved in there like sardines in campers and they don't think the neighbors can see in?!!!

A nice set of plantation shutters on the bottom of your window should help with the privacy issue and could the door handing be switched? If you just lived closer, I would send my hubby over to do it! He works for a door company so it's simple :)

Oh, and I tried flat red paint in the laundry the first time I painted. I thought I wanted red walls but I wasn't sure and I just happened to find a mis-mixed can at Lowe's for 50¢. What a bargain!! Yeah, right! I think I had to repaint in two months because I had the washer that the lid opened to the side and I kept hitting that off of the wall and things like that.

Just remember, you still have a WONDERFUL house :) We wouldn't know about all the issues if you didn't tell us! LOL

Have a great weekend!

Primgal55 said...

OH Mary, You had me laughing with these last two posts but I do feel your pain! I think you have some very creative solutions to your bathroom/boys/ Dh clothes woes!

hugs, Linda

Shirlee said...

We live in a small rural town, lotsa cows. The post office often smells like cow poop because of the farmers etc coming in to get mail. And there's always the aroma of "cow" in the air.
Old houses often have quirky layouts usually with bathrooms since originally there was probably none. I think yours is kinda handy being by the door. Plus it looks quite large.
The exterior of your home is beautiful, can't wait to see more of the inside. :)

Stacey said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours with a big smile on my face this morning. Gotta love those bathroom moments with kids! Love it!

Rue said...

You are really funny! Your descriptions are pricless of what goes on in the laundry/ bathroom and it makes me want to hear about the other rooms :)

Have a great Sunday,
rue :)

Wendy said...

My suggestion is to buy knee pads!!LOL...Kids!!! I love your home even with all its quirks!!! Hope your having a great weeken!~Wendy

Joy said...

Your home is awesome. Just ran thru the slide show. I love it.
The bathrooms are really cute too.