Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back From Thrifting and the Flea Market

I am back... I went to my favorite thrift store in Amish country and the antique store/flea market today. I would have liked to have gone elsewhere, but I didn't have any other reason to go to the store nearby so I figured I'll save the gas today. That and my kids would have called me asking where I was. They don't like going with me unless we buy something for them. That's OK though as I have more time to look and savor everything when they stay home.

Alright lets start at the thrift store...

First up, I bought a total of about 7 yards of material... one is like a weavers cloth, red felt (for Christmas), warm and natural batting, and cotton floral fabric, and the little things in the bag are pegs for a peg rack (that hubby doesn't know he's gonna build yet)

I found these little quilted beauties... I just need to learn how to bind a quilt and we'll be all set...

Next, This first set of authentic little girl Amish Dresses... I hit the jackpot today on dresses...

The next set doesn't necessarily go together... but this is a dress and apron that the Amish wear.

I also found some little girl's head covers. I love these.

The next dresses I bought a few months ago.

If any of you use double knit fabric for anything let me know. They have a ton and I will be more than happy to get some for you.

OK next stop was the antique/flea market place. I looked and I looked everywhere. I saw tons of stuff I would love to have, but kept thinking I need to put more effort into my crafts and sell a few things and with that money buy what I want. But I just couldn't resist this little Radio Flyer wagon a bargain at $2.00.

Check back as I won't need all these dresses or head covers and am going to sell some of them. I need to decide which ones I want then I will let all of you know. Sorry this post is so long, but I thought you'd like to see my treasures.
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Jill said...

I am soooooooo jealous of the Amish goodies! Please let me know if you do decide to sell any. :)

Primgal55 said...

Wow - what treasures you found on your trip to the Amish store. I love the little dresses! Thanks for sharing!

hugs, Linda

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

Heckfire shoot! I am coming to follow you around!
Love the blog; I will be back!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Let me know about the little black head covering I'd love to have one! Wow, I can't believe what wonderful things you find!

Blessings Rondell

primsandtiques said...

You got sooo lucky with all of that stuff! Yipee for you! I agree, I'm going shopping with you next time...hehe!

Ann-Marie said...

I want to reserve a dress and head cover.... You better go see if you can find more because I think your going to sell out.