Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Morning...

I had an awesome weekend of shopping. Friday night my SIL Tiffany from Tiffany's Primitive Place came home. She lives about 2 hours away in Columbus so I don't get to see her too often. She is staying with her parents for a week of vacation. We have sooooo much fun when we are together especially shopping. We both love to make prim stuff so we'll be at shops picking stuff up inspecting it and saying "I could make that", but we never do. Then we torture my MIL. As you may be able to tell from my other posts I am a smart aleck well so is my SIL and we can get her going to the point of my MIL yelling at us to stop it and the most funny saying "I'm going to slap you", which I will tell you that story in a minute. Anyway, so we decide to go shopping on Saturday. My MIL, SIL, aunt in law, and me all went shopping at 2 of our favorite prim shops because they were having sales.

The first shop is about 6 minutes from my home in the next little town. And yes it is 6 minutes I timed it. You never know when you might need a gift at the last minute right? Well, we get to the front of the store and there is a sale table out front. Oh my word.... we all were like vultures. Stuff flying in the air over our shoulders grabbing stuff out of each others hands. No I'm kidding, but we were searching each box she had. Most of the items were at least 50% off. I got some good stuff out there. So, now our hands are full and we walk in. The shop owner knows us each by name. Does that tell you how often we go there. Anyway, she is stocked full of good stuff. She was having a sale of 30% of any single item too. So after much contemplating I did it. I bought a black step back cupboard. {shuddering} I couldn't pass it up. I don't have it yet it is still at the store until Wednesday when I am off work to pick it up. I think it is going to go in my foyer... for now... or the kitchen... OK quit hounding me I don't really know. LOL. I just had to have it. That was my 30% off item plus she has an incentive card that if you spent so much money you get $10 off the next purchase. Well I got an additional $20.00 off too. So after all I bought plus the cupboard I spent less than the original price of the cupboard itself. YIPPPEEEEE!!!!

Next stop is another store on the outskirts of Amish Country. It is about 30 minutes from my house. I LOVEEEEEE this store. I do sell some of my prim crafts to this store. She has such a flare for decorating and is such an awesome lady. She too knows us all by name. This shop owner and the above shop owner are friends and were running the same sale and advertised together. Soooo... I couldn't leave this store out. Of course I spent more money. I bought my peg rack here that I am going to hang in my kitchen to put my bonnets and aprons on that I make. I also bought some pussy willows, and the most awesome smelling sheep beeswax ornie. I put in on my shelf in the kitchen and it smells up the kitchen. YUMMMM!!!! Anyway, the shop owner was asking my opinion on a line of pottery she wants to carry. It was nice, but not my style. It was little too shiny for me I like plain pottery, but she wanted this one urn from the line. I looked at her and told her it reminded me of an urn that you put ashes in on your mantle. She was like well then when I die you can put me in it. I looked at her and said " I would never put you in a repro urn Kim, it has to be a real pottery one." You should see this girls house... Oh to die for. You would understand why I said that if you saw the antiques she owns. Yes I have been to her home last Christmas. So, after our chat it is off to my favorite thrift store.

We had to make a pit stop at Lehman's Hardware. If you have never heard of it google it up. They are in the heart of Amish country and sell Amish stuff like oil lamps, any kitchen gadget you could think off, Ummm... Amish style appliances since they don't have electric, hardware like cupboard knobs, hinges, and the like. Anyway, everyone was hungry and they have an indoor bathroom and cafe. I bought the yummiest ice cream cone it was blueberry waffle cone. Imagine blueberries with bits and pieces of waffle cone thrown in. This thing was huge but I made good time in finishing it. I didn't want it to melt or anything. Then it was off to the thrift store. By this time it is around 2:30pm and we left at 10:00. We looked around and I didn't buy much there, but everyone else did. My SIL and I finally got bored and started acting up. We would find the ugliest clothes and tell my MIL we were going to buy them for her. I found this pair of shorts that looked like red bandanna/ tablecloth type material and held them up and asked my SIL if she would come to my picnic. So she held up this shirt that was sheer netting with a little tank under asked if she had to wear the tank with it. Then I held up a 100% polyester skirt suit and told my MIL she needed it for work. By this time she is getting fed up with us and said she was going to slap us if we didn't stop. OHHHHH NOOOOO you don't make threats to us. (Of course she would never slap us you know idle threats) So there we were people all around and I pipe up... "You would slap us in front of all these witnesses". My SIL and I are laughing so hard my MIL gives me the evil eye and quickly walks off. Finally, at 4:00 everyone is ready to leave.
We had so much fun we had not gone shopping for a long time together.

I know I haven't shown pics yet, but I'm waiting to get my cupboard then I'll post them. But here is some of my thrift items from the last time I went. You like my mess in the background. It's not always that way just most of the time!!!! LOL.

I am redoing the red box in the back. Don't worry just sanding and staining a little not painting over it. I'm not sure what I will make with the fabric, but at $.50 a piece I couldn't pass it up.

Ok for the Amish dresses... this is what I have to sell. The lavender dress and white head cover and the teal dress and white head cover is what I have left. The dress and head cover in the middle are sold. Remember these have been worn and are not brand new. The dresses are $4.00 and the head covers are $5.00. Let me know if you are interested. The first ones to email me get them. (GettysburgHomestead{at}yahoo{dot}com) I will list on here when they are sold. I will look for more if there is enough interest in them. Ignore the parking lot behind the dresses... my son has his cars literally everywhere!!!!

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simple~needs said...

sounds like you had a great time!! you got to tell me where the prim shops
i know where the thrift stores and lehmans are.
i love the dresses you got!
i had picked up a pale yellow
dress a while back and used it in a thrift store swap. the gal loved it!! so thanks mary for pointing me in the right direction!!
my goose that i bought from you is one of my favorite possessions!
love, kim

Primgal55 said...

You tease!! Telling us about all the good stuff then making us wait! SHAME on you! :-) LOL Can't wait to see it all Mary, hugs, Linda

Shirlee said...

Your day out sounds like so much fun! Looking forwards to seeing what you got. I hope the sweet sheep will be in the photo shoot. :)

Rue said...

Hi Mary :)

You girls are so funny! I would've been finding ugly outfits right there with you :)

I can't wait to see the cupboard.


Tina said...

Thanks for taking us on your shopping trip through your blog. I have good memories of going to Lehman's and some of those wonderful shops in that area.
I lived in Dalton for a while and enjoyed it so much.

Leslie said...

I enjoyed your little story of your day of shopping. I know I would have fun shopping with you guys! I'm quite sarcastic, too!

I wish I had someone to Prim shop with :( My MIL likes Prims but only actual antique Prims. She will NOT look at anything new. Besides that, we're kind of really not talking these days, so I'm on my own....

I LOVE your little dresses! They are ADORABLE! I would love to buy one someday but the teal and lavendar just wouldn't work here. I need black or blue or something (the Amish around here also have a red...kind of like a faded burgundy that they wear often)? They are VERY cute :)

I can't wait to see your new piece! I just love cabinets and cupboards!!!! I cannot wait to have a bigger house so I can add a few in :) They might be empty inside but I will still have a few cupboards! LOL