Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Daughter's BBQ is Today

My daughter is having her Birthday BBQ today. I told her not to tell her friends that is wasn't her birthday so that they would not bring presents. My daughter was a little down about that, but she will be 13 tomorrow and she doesn't need any more stuff. She is a hoarder and doesn't throw anything away. I don't need anymore stuff to clean :-) So, as I said before my daughter has Aspergers an autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, and Non-visual learning disability. It is very hard to explain the learning disability, but she doesn't have the ability to understand anything abstract. Here's the best scenario I can give. Explain the color red to someone. This is how it is for us explaining time, math, and English. She does not have the concept of how long a minute is, or that 60of them make an hour, or how many hours from 7-9. It has been a very long road with her. But since my husband and I decided that the school system we were in was not helping her we put our home of 9 years up for sale and moved.

You would not believe the change in my child. She ended the school year with a 3.571GPA. She has friends, who call her and invite her places. Let me just say at the old school she was bullied and pushed up against lockers and made fun of. She has a "boyfriend" who called her last night. You have no idea how happy this makes me. These kids are looking past her quirks and excepting her for her. Anyway, I found a pic on the school website of my daughter and one of her friends and the farm baseball team the Akron Aeros. All the 7th graders who didn't get in to trouble were allowed to go to this game. This boy is coming tonight to the BBQ. This young man tried to sit there and explain baseball to my daughter. He also saw my daughter with my parents last weekend at a restaurant and made it a point to get up and come to the table and talk to my daughter to be sure she knew he was coming to the BBQ.

Unfortunately, my daughter will be spending tomorrow with her biological father for Father's Day. It's heartbreaking, but it was her choice to go. This man only spends 4hours every two weeks with her, as he is too busy. My husband now has done so much for her that it kills me to see my daughter make the choice. But it is her DAD and he brain washers her every time she is with him. Mind you he has never helped financially or emotionally with her. GRRRR... well enough about him.

I have a few repurposed projects under way, but I have to wait for paint to dry, but hope to share them with you in a day or so. Or maybe not depends on how they come out. I'd like to try a new paint technique I've never done. Or maybe I'll just show you if I fail too.
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Jo-Anne said...

Yes, yes, show us all of your fun projects regardless of how they "turn out"!! :)

Happy birthday to your sweet daughter. She looks so happy in the picture.
I am glad that she is thriving in her new school environment. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a "normal" childhood and it seems this change has made the difference. You should be commended for making the sacrifice of moving, to help her.
Shame on the kids that were bullying her. I blame it all on ignorance. That's why I speak about my child's disability as often as I can.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday BBQ and that some of her friends bring her a gift anyway! :):):)

kmclaughlin said...

glad to hear she is doing so well in school and having a great time with new friends.
mary, i can empathize with you in regards to her having a dad like that. my girls' dad is the same way.. well, he hasnt seen them in years. maybe its better that way. except he lives 5 minutes away. i doint think men understand what they do to their kids.