Monday, June 23, 2008

A Slight Change

I have changes the curtains in my bedroom I don't know how many times since we moved in last year. Now I have never bought curtains yet. I have used what was here or made them. When we bought the house the previous owner had blue long panels in the living/dining room with white shears under them. They looked very nice with her decor. BUT... I took them down and put up my own. I am never one to through anything away thought you never know I might be able to use them. So, I washed them up and put them away. Skip ahead a month or two. This lady had used shower curtains to cover the windows up stairs. Actually, if you think about it not a bad idea. Our upstairs is so very cold in winter that they were heavy and had a lining to them. However, they were a botanical print and again not my style. Those came down washed up and put away. Then I remember I had the blue panels so out those came and up they went. The last owner had wrought iron pull backs on there to pull the curtain back to one side and I used them. (Pre camera no pics) Well I lived with those for awhile and thought no I don't like those. So I took the panel ripped it down the center resewed it and made a valance. My windows were still to open so I made tiers from left over Osnaburg fabric I had. So this was as of yesterday morning...

I have three of these windows in my bedroom. One on the South, one on the West, and one on the North. Well, now that the sun comes up very early ummm like 5:30 it becomes very bright in my room. Once the sun is out I can't sleep anymore. Plus I get a lot of direct sunlight beating through my window that it is fading out my antiques and bedding. So while at Lowes looking for paint I looked at blinds. I liked the wood mini blinds, but was afraid they would fade out with the sun so settled on the matchstick light filtering shades. Well, they also have a "shade" type fabric you can put behind them to block out the sun if you want, but I didn't buy those. I figured for the price we'll see how long they last and go from there. So I had hubby put them up. Oh yeah, no comments on the window with the hearts in it. I don't like hearts I don't normally decorate with them. I bought this during my "country" decorating period and haven't decided how I want to change it yet. LOL.

Now I have not repainted my bedroom yet. This is the original color when we bought it. Imagine this color in every room everywhere in the house. I am not a neutral person so it really bothers me. I am thinking either a grey/blue or hubby wants green in our room. Then I can change my curtains again. But for now I guess I'll deal with what I have up.

While we were out I also needed a new watch battery, so we stopped at a jewelry store to have it changed. Yes I've been to Wal-mart, but the last time they broke my watch and hubby had to buy me a new one. Anyway, I was looking at anniversary bands because my wedding set setting is to high to wear rubber gloves. It rips the gloves every time and then all kinds of stuff gets on my hands. I told him I wanted something plain. Well, I tried a couple on looked at the price and put them back. YIKES!!!!! In the meantime the lady took my set and inspected it under the microscope. I have 2 tips broke and the back band of it needs rebuilt. I knew the sauder was breaking, but she 's like no honey the whole back needs rebuilt. Total price $400.00. I looked at hubby and said I'll wear it til it breaks then you can buy me a new one. I am going to get a second opinion and decide from there. I had no idea how expensive it is to fix gold. GEEZ!!!!
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This Country Girl said...

What a perfect solution! I think the curtains look great! I love it when we can make do with something we have! Right now, the valances in my kitchen are made from bedsheets! My kitchen is begging for a redo though! They've been there for quite awhile!

I had no idea it was expensive to fix the gold either! I think I'd be doing the same thing...hanging onto them a little longer!
~ Tammy

Tiffany said...


I love what you did with the curtains! I'm still trying to figure out what to do with my bedroom window too!

By the way, I love the color combo that you came up with the foyer!

Love you...Tiff

Jo-Anne said...

The curtains look great. Way to re-purpose an item!! :)
I like your window with the hearts, by the way!

I think you really should get a second opinion on your ring. That sounds very high to me. Good luck!

Oh, and I adore the paint colors you chose!