Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ye Olde Farmhouse

Well, I had this post all planned out last night at midnight before finally going to bed here at work, BUT I only have half my pics for my bathroom redo. SO.... I will post what I have and will finish the post tonight when I get home. Which means you will need to stop back later this evening if you want to see it all. LOL. This is my Whatcha Working on Wednesday from Leslie over at My Country Home

Picture this... You have been extended an invitation to visit my 1900 farmhouse in my town. You are anxiously awaiting your visit (OK so I can dream you are excited.) The day has arrived you see this house from the road...

This is what I was thinking when I bought the house. Oh what an awesome old farmhouse. I'll bet it is really awesome and beautiful inside. You walk up the side walk to the steps and are welcomed by my red oval window door (with dog snot on it) and a really welcoming wreath with popping pip berries because they got to hot and popped open like popcorn. LOL. You knock and I come to the door to welcome you. (I know what you are thinking what the ??? what in the world does this have to do with a bathroom redo ??? I'm getting there.) I open the door and what do you see???

Normally, yes, on your first visit, but I forgot to close the door so you see this... Yes my laundry/bathroom. AHHHH living in an old farmhouse is just grand I tell you. Who in their right mind would put a bathroom right as you come in the door.

Now, I know none of you have a hubby like me so let me tell you why this looks like this. Enter hubby from work and his part time job on the farm. (YUCK!!!) He does take his poop boots off on the front porch I'll give him that. Anyway, he walks straight into the bathroom takes off his dirty/cow poop encrusted clothes throws them on the WOOD floor in a pile, but before that you have to empty out your pockets onto the counter. And you see it IS getting hot so we must rip the sleeves off of our t shirt and put the sleeves on the counter too. Oh, and the farm clothes that he has to wash well those you just throw in a basket and leave because you will be wearing those later this week. Why fold them the cows don't care what you look like right? Enter the wife who has to do all the other laundry in the house and must wade through all of this mess and clean said bathroom too. This bathroom has been termed the man bathroom. Yeah I know lavender is not manly, but it had to stay for now. The last owner loved it. Now she did some black accents in it I'll give her that.

So, Tuesday I finally got to the point of trying to figure out what to do. My son, who was mad at me putting him in the pic was trying to help. I thought if hubby isn't going to put away his farm clothes I need somewhere to put them away out of site. So I looked around the house and finally settled on one of these. Yeah, you know the horrible plastic stacking shelves that those who have basements and garages use to stack junk. Well, mine are in the basement and I found a set not being used.

I thought hmmmm... I could use it for folded clothes. Well, I couldn't have it just plain with stacked clothes on it could I? NOOOOOO... I had to make a shelf cover. So, I went to my fabric stash and found some brown and green $1.00 a yard fabric I bought from Wal-mart. Now I know you are all thinking brown and green??? Ok the counter top has tiny squares that have green, brown, black, and those type of colors in them. Plus that's camo colors right? Maybe it'll just blend in to the room. LOL.
So, then it still looked blah so I found this old black shelf that use to be in between the two cupboards down below. We had to move it because my full size washer and dryer wouldn't fit otherwise. I plopped it up beside the shelf. Added a couple doodads and here you go... The big basket has socks in it. The jars have odds and ends on pocket junk in them.

Folded clothes...

So now when you walk in to my home you see this...

No, it wasn't a huge make over. No new paint, or fancy stuff like that but to me a ton better. As for the rest of the bathroom, those are the pics I don't have so check back tonight and I'll add those. So, here it is your first view into my home LOL... my bathroom/ laundry room. You are special being able to see that first. :-P
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This simple Life said...

Thats does look a ton better. And clever with the plastic shelf thing. As a matter of fact you have prompted me to rescue mine from the trash.

Jo-Anne said...

Well, that was a little teaser! I want to go farther into your house!!!!
Your bathroom looks much better now. I hope your men help you keep it that way! :):):)
I remember my boys working summer jobs on farms. Mark would milk cows in the summer. When he didn't ride his bike to the barn and we needed to pick him up I had to plug my nose all the way home. Luckilly it was a short trip!
Since living in AZ, I sure miss our days on the farm! :(

My Simple Life said...

Your home is beautiful, it's like a dream home for me!

Leslie said...

Great job! The plastic shelves may not be your fav but they work! I know we had some stackable stuff like that in DS's room for years and then when I found the perfect item to replace them with, I did. It all happens in time :)

I do know exactly what you are talking about, though :) My grandparents farmed up until ten years ago. My Dad left farming when I was 8 but I spent MANY hours at the barn and we helped many weekends and during the summer. Farm life is so different and I never realized what all I learned until I see my kids and my niece freaking over cows at their uncle's farm! I was teaching my niece about the cow's cud and many stomachs and everything :)

I'm sure you're bathroom will one day be your dream bathroom but in time....


Wendy said...

Great makeover,gets rid of the clutter!! Thanks for sharing!~Wendy

The Robin's Nest said...

Yes, that does look sooo much better! Very nice! I love your home it makes me miss our house we had in the country-My husband's work brought us towards Seattle and we are seriously thinking of throwing it all away and moving back to the quiet country~! Thanks for stopping by my site today-I'm glad you did now I can come visit yours -It's a nice get a way from city life~! (smiles)
Take Care,

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I just love it!!!! You did a great job, for sure!!!

And thanks so muich for stopping by my blog today! Yur prayers are so much appreciated!!! Do come back!


Gettysburg Homestead said...

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. It actually was kind of fun to do!


Juri said...

Wow...your home is beautiful...I just love it!!! And, how creative with the shelves! I saw your comment on Cora's blog and had to come see what you had to say...and am so glad I did!


plain*worker*primitives said...

Awesome, looks so much better! My laundry room is always a mess too. ;)
Take care,

This Country Girl said...

I think it's a fabulous makeover! I just love your house too! I wanna come visit your just looks so charming!

At least you have a bathroom near the door to catch all that muddy poopy tracky feet! lol!

Thanks for the great post!

Back in the Day said...

I love your farmhouse! I was just snooping around and came across your blog! We are renovating a house as well and I know that every "small" change took hours of demo or rearranging, and then cleaning, ugggg! Your home is beautiful - and like they mentioned - you are lucky to have a bathroom at the door!


Jen r. said...

Great makeover! I love how you house has such great character...:) Jen R

Sandy said...

Oh WOW...I just love your blog!
Can't wait until next time when you invite us over for another tour in another room. Thanks!

I also wanted to Thank You for stopping over at my blog...much appreciated. Look forward for more posts from you.

I also just LOVE your home. My dream to own a OLD home and restore it back. Again can not wait for more pictures.


Sandy said...

It is I again...I wanted to tell you that I just LOVE your Prarie Doll named Abigail. My youngest daughters name is Abigayle...I just may have to order myself one of those dolls to give to my little girl. Out of the 48 states, is Maine counted in your numbers for shipping?