Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Watcha Working on Wednesday... and yes believe it or not I'm an idiot!!!

LOL... like my title? First, I'll start out with my stupidity or like my title says idiot moment. Last night in our little town we had our July 4th parade. For those who aren't going or don't have a parade I'll post pics on Friday for you to enjoy our parade. Anyhew, my hubby met me at the parade because I came straight from work and he had to take my daughter to the high school because she was in the parade for being student of month last school year. She was so excited. OK OK I'll quit with the other details I know you all want to hear about the idiot thing. OK I have never been to a parade that was 2 hours long. I can only take so much of political floats!!!! I know I digress. This guy, who is wearing a t shirt from the little league team from the town I work in, comes up to me. He's like I've been looking at you all night trying to figure out who you are. I've seen you around town too. Now, I'm looking at this guy like he's crazy and with a blank stare. In my head I'm thinking I have no idea who you are. You know being a paramedic we make all kinds of public appearances and talks and stuff I'm thinking duh my shirt says the town name and EMS. So, he starts asking the normal questions... Where did you graduate and what year... so I told him and he says yeah me too. OK I graduated with this guy and I still don't know who he is. Mind you my class was something like almost 300 kids. He's like I thought I knew you from school but can't remember your name. Me being the person I am wasn't playing the guess who I am game told him my maiden name. He's like Yeah OK I'm glad I stopped you and then didn't tell me who he was. DUH!!!!!! I'm stupid here. Finally I said look I'm really sorry, but I can't place you it has been I long time. So he told me and MAN does he look totally different as we all do when we put on weight and get a few wrinkles. We were never friends, but I did know who he was. We stood there and talked for quite awhile. It is funny how people change when they are out of school for awhile huh?

Anyway, on with the Watcha Working on Wednedsay by Leslie... Many of you know I've been contemplating my foyer. Well, I finally pinned my hubby down to help me repaint on Saturday. I have the wood work color and hope to work on that this afternoon. So, if you look here it'll refresh your memory.

Before.... Like the "Welcoming Wreath" popcorn pip berries and all!!!

Taking pics in a closet sized foyer impossible.

I bought this light for the foyer... it is hand forged.

I really LOVED this color, but it just didn't blend well.

Hey everyone I'm in the bathroom... see how small the foyer is. Oh yeah the dog snot door glad it's dark and you can't see it.

And now drum roll please..... the moment you've been waiting for. The painted walls.
Notice the welcoming bathroom again... hubby threw his dirty clothes ON the washer now not on the floor!!!! LOL.

This color is the same one as in the living room on the top.

Don't you like the round thingy on the closet door. I haven't quit figures out what that is. I am assuming it is so when the door gets opened it doesn't hit the wall and ding it up. Not sure though.

And finally as best as I could the tile floor and wall color together.

So this is what I was working on... hopefully by next week I'll get the rest done. Who knows. The plumber is coming today to lay the natural gas line from the house to the road. We have decided it is way too expensive to heat this old house with propane. We were notified that they found a natural gas well and will be running a line to our allotment starting next week. So after paying $700.00 a month to heat this thing with propane we are biting the bullet and running natural gas. Total cost to hook in... almost $3,000. Why you ask well... I now have to pay $1000 to hook into the main gas line, pay the plumber to run the line, I now have to have a new hot water tank, and exchange system on my furnace. We weren't expecting this, but I can't afford not too with propane prices increasing. I need to run out and snap a pic of my putt putt golfing yard. I have flags everywhere marking all the other lines that run underground. Til tomorrow I'll let you know how it goes.
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Primgal55 said...

The wall color is great! Don't you just love seeing romms ( or halls) come together?

I don't think you are an idiot for not remembering someone you barely knew that many years ago!! LOL He could have been a wee bit more helpful after all.

Have a great 4th, hugs, Linda

simple~needs said...

i love the new color! you did great!!! yes, that round thingy on the door is so it doesnt bump the wall with the handle. my mom has something similar.
is the natural gas on your pottery?? i know a gal who just had to pay for hook up, since the gas line /pump was on her property she gets it for free.
let us know how it goes with all the work.
hugs, kim

This simple Life said...

Love the new color , really brightens up the room. The old color was nice , just not right for that space.

Songbirdtiff said...

The new colors look great!

Jo-Anne said...

Mary...I really like the new color!
You are certainly not an idiot for not remembering someones name. Especially someone from high school! But pat yourself on the back that you still look the same as you did and he recognized you!:)

Good luck with your gas line. You will be glad you changed after it's all said and done.
have a happy day!

Leslie said...

I liked the wall color before but I see now why you changed it :) It blends well with the flooring, it's lighter to brighten the space and it matches the living room! Great choice!

People really do change after high school...even in a few years. I think all of the time about how MUCH I've changed in the last ten years. Heck, one year out of high school and I wasn't that same girl at ALL! Becomming a Mommy does that to you :)

Thanks for reminding me that it's Wednesday! LOL

Have a great day!

Wendy said...

First off your not an idiot, I too would not remember alot of people I went to school with! I love your foyer the color looks great!!:0)~Wendy

Shirlee said...

Since I'm relatively new to your blog, I was wondering how old your house is. Or did you mention it and I missed it? Your woodwork looks quite substantial. We only have original woodwork in our two bedrooms. I started to strip it and gave up, what a job!
I like both the first colour and the new one but I think the new colour looks nicer with the flooring. Is it brick or tiles?
I don't think you're stupid for not recognizing a former classmate. I'm glad I live a long way from my "home town" so this kinda thing doesn't happen to me. I'd probably be standing there with a blank stare wondering who is this joker?
Have a great day! :)

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I'm terrible with faces and names so I understand how you felt:)

Love the new paint in your foyer and it does blend in great!


Nicole said...

I LOVE that color. You have a beautiful home, and I can tell your a great decorator. Oh, I hate running into people from High School. My twin sister talked me into going to our High School ten year reunion. Why, or why did I give in, I'd rather go to the dentist.