Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mary Wetmore Sampler

I have always LOVED coffee.  I can remember my Dad using a percolator coffee pot when I was younger to make his.  He would fix me a cup of it and would put maple flavoring in it for me.  mmmmmm... I can remember that taste.  I'm not sure my Mom always knew he was giving my sister and I coffee at such a young age, but she never said anything. LOL.  From that point on I was addicted  hooked. :-)  I especially love flavored coffees.  I don't have the money to go to a coffee shop everyday so I make mine here at the homestead and take it with me.  "Richard" works for a very well known coffee brand and brings me bags of coffee or Kcups constantly.  I know you are jealous, but he is taken and he doesn't have a brother. LOL.  Anyway,  I got home from work last night to see this sitting on my counter.

OK, I have never seen this coffee before. The question is WHY? Look at the flavor... Banana Bread Bliss. Seriously, there is no way this can't be good.  So, this morning after taking my son to soccer practice I came home and made my pot.  Ummmm... hello.... this stuff is AWESOME!!!! It is so smooth and yummy especially if you add vanilla creamer like I did.  Holy Moley I'm in heaven.  I really think "Richard" is a keeper if he is going to bring this kind of joy in my life. LOL.  So, this product name "Life is Good" is VERY true this morning!

Alright alright... You want to see what I've been up to.  Well, I saw a sampler in an antique shop many months ago with quite a hefty price on it that I dearly loved.  You all know how much I love true looking samplers.  The alphabets and borders just draw me in as do the mistakes made by the original sticher.  This one was no exception. I tried my best to duplicate some of the details/ mistakes I remember.   I wish I had stitched it on smaller count linen but this is what I had on hand.  It ended up being quite large.  I started this one months ago, but would put it down then pick it up when I wasn't doing other things.  I finally finished yesterday at work.  I LOVE how it turned out!  I need to search my picture frames to see if I have one big enough.  If not I will need to make a trip to the Goodwill. I haven't pressed it yet, but wanted to show you anyway. This will end up in my bedroom when I'm done.

There will be no pattern made for this beauty since I do not own the original. 

I also stitched up a free pattern for a shop hop here in Ohio in the month of October that I agreed to design for it.  I am not allowed to show it yet until all the shop keepers have received their patterns. It is a cute prim pattern for fall.  I am hoping to start crafting again as it is truly my passion.  "Richard" and I have discussed it and even though he is not creative like me he understands it feeds my soul.  It is what is important to me.  And... the best part is he loved football.  And what does that have to do with me you ask.  That means I can craft all weekend long while he is glued to the TV. Yiippeeee!!!! We will both be happy. LOL. 

I am working on a secret project as we speak and am hoping to find a nice fall punchneedle pattern to  also.  But if not I will design one. LOL.  Have a great weekend!
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Huckleberry stitches said...

I can see why you liked that sampler! Very Cute! Yeah for football season, I LOVE it but I am the one that is glued to the tv. Lol...have a great day with a yummy cuppa Joe!