Monday, August 18, 2014

Leather Britches Tutorial

Many of you know I like using all sorts of drieds in my home decorating.  First of all, it is pretty cheap to do.  Secondly, it is really easy to do.  You can go on a walk in your neighborhood or the nearest park and find all types of seeds or berries to dry.  Yeah you may look like you are picking up dog poop with your little Walmart bag in someone's front yard, but who cares right?  I don't have a dog so I always look really weird. LOL.  Anyway, most times homeowners will willingly let you pick their yards clean of nuts and pods.

In my kitchen I like the looks of dried fruits or veggies and of course garlic.  The other day one of my friends from work brought me in a load of veggies from her garden because she had an overabundance.  I know I probably should have canned some, but there was not that many.  PLUS I am the only one here at this home who eats all types of veggies.  I have added yet another veggie hater who shall remain nameless "RICHARD". ugggghhhh  I was so busy last week I didn't have time to cook up these awesome green beans.  The week before school starts is so hectic along with working.  Anyway, so I decided to make myself some leather britches. 

I have no idea where the name came from but basically back in the day this was a way to preserve green beans for later use before canning came along.  There are many ways to do this if you are actually going to use them.  I have no intentions of rehydrating these and using them.  These are for decorative purposes only. So, it really doesn't matter if they are historically correct.

First you need some green beans.  I didn't bother washing them.  Why?  Basically because I was lazy.  I was in the middle of cleaning my kitchen this morning when my ADD kicked in and said let's do a little crafting.  It helped clear off my counter so it's all good. LOL

Next get a darning needle and strong thread.  I used black crochet thread.  Make sure the eye is big enough for your thread.
Now start threading your beans.  I put my needle through the middle of the pod.
Keep threading your beans keeping them as close as possible.  The beans will shrink as they dry and are hard to push together at that point.
When I was done threading my beans I centered them on my string and tied a knot at one of the ends so the beans wouldn't slide off approx. 6"-7" from the end of the thread.  I also tied a loop so that I could hang it from pegs down the line.  Then I made another loop at the other end to hang them from to dry.
There you have it.  Leather Britches... Don't these look fantastic hanging.  I have heard conflicting ideas whether to dry them in the sun or not so I'm going to not dry them in the sun.  I guess we will see how they turn out.
Have a great day everyone!
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