Friday, May 1, 2020

Third Time Is a Charm

I think I finally have a pattern that I like for a face mask.  I have decided I like to have a little room to breathe.  I don't want something flat across my nose like the surgical mask.  I wore one of those in the Emergency Department during my paramedic training.  I had to observe a doctor putting a chest tube in a patient.  I LOVED watching the procedure, but I got really hot really fast with that mask on and felt sick.  I also don't like the elastic around my ears.  I tried one on that my son got at work where the elastic was ponytail holders.  Nope!  I know, I know picky picky.  But if I gotta wear it it better be comfy just like all my other clothes.  

First of all look at the mask not the mask wearer. This girl might as well go gray because my roots are really long and the salons here in Ohio have no opening date set yet.  My last color was February 8th! Eek!  My Mom said I looked tired when I went to visit her on Tuesday from the car.  Where I work we have a few people positive for Covid-19 so I don't get out of my car to visit my parents.  I do not work near those people, but I'm not taking the chance.

That being said this is the mask using the actual pattern it has metal in the nose to make it more fitted.  My daughter wanted a dog mask, so that's what I tried first.  There was a lot of folding, ironing, and unnecessary sewing.  I mean it serves the purpose don't get me wrong, but I wanted something easier.

I tried a second version tweeking the pattern a bit.  Let's just say I got myself turned around and made the chin the nose and the nose the chin. LOL.  So, I had to rip out some stitches and take the nose piece out.  So, that version isn't a fitted one. Nope! Don't like that one.  I'll give that one to my son.  Shhhh He doesn't need to know it is just a cast off.

Third time by golly I think I finally have it right.  Same pattern as the first picture, but I tweeked it.  I know it doesn't look much different, but the way I sewed it together was MUCH easier for me.  I also am using a layer of interfacing in between the layers.  I went to the quilt store yesterday and bought that and some elastic in case I make some masks for the family and they prefer that. This was an Amish quilt shop and when I walk in all eyes are on me. LOL. Those are the closest stores for me to buy my sewing goodes.  Anyway, so can you see my mask?  It's camo so I bet you can't! LOLOLOL

I even made my own bias tape using my bias tape maker.  Can you tell I'm proud of myself?  I prefer the ties over the elastic.  I tried a piece of elastic before I made the ties and oh my goodness I would have died if I had to wear it that way.  Although I would have gotten a free face lift.  I also like being able to take one strap off my head and let the mask fall and still be around my neck.  Then if need be I just pull it right back up and I'm good to go. 

I will be making a couple more for us around here this weekend.  My daughter and I will have pretty ones and the boys will get Americana ones, camo, or plain.  This is a good way to use up fabric so I can buy more soon! 

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  1. Well, glad to see that you finally came up with a version you can live with.... I have a terrible time with masks of any kind...even as a kid at Halloween I couldn't handle it. I am just too claustrophobic. I guess I am luck I live in an area that I don't have to be paranoid about not having one on. ~Robin~


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