Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My 2nd Bathroom

Alright I've decided to show you a little more of my home. Keep in mind I have not touched the upstairs at all yet. The colors are as they were when we bought this home last year. The holes in the walls are the ones they had with the exception of the shelf you'll see. Do you ever wonder why I keep showing you my bathrooms? Me too. LOL. If you want to see the other bathroom check here and here.Let the smart aleck comments begin... :-)

This is walking into my bathroom from the hall. HEHE hey there I am in the mirror!!!

I saw a shelf kinda like this one on ebay an asked hubby to build me one. Hubby put a back on mine and see that copper looking thing? That is a back splash piece from Lowes that is made to look like copper. I thought it was kinda cool. The wood is from the farm where he works that was laying in the barn.

My ugly shower... UGH I hate well water as it stains everything. Anyway I thought I'd spruce up the curtain with some greens.

Alrighty up til now have you seen any linen closet??? NO I don't have one. (Insert smart aleck comment here.) Where in the world am I suppose to put my towels and stuff??? And hey while we're at it yes everyone NO window in the bathroom either. I complain about the other Bathroom has a huge one and this one has none. LOL. I know what you're thinking are you ever happy??? :-)

So this is my solution this tiny little box thing for my towels. But you're saying why not put a cabinet with a door. Well, look closely yes BEHIND the door is another sink. Who would put a sink behind the door so close to the other one?? UMMMM... not me. So I can't slide anything between the sinks to put in the corner.

And then if you move the door you see that I have one towel bar. Yeah so luckily in my stash o' stuff I had an over the door towel hanger thank goodness.

So there you have it another bathroom. Aren't you enjoying your trip to my home. LOL. Don't worry I won't bore you tomorrow because it's Watcha Workin on Wednesday.
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Tina said...

I enjoyed the bathroom tour very much.

I just love that shelf.

Thinking it's just what I need in my little apartment.

Anytime I can get any storage in any way is a good thing.


Raggedy Angel said...

We know where to go if we have to potty bathroom girl! LOL

Mrs. Trixi said...

Oh, it is so cute. I love how it is just simply decorated and perfect.

Justina said...

Mary, don't worry - I too hate my bathrooms.. Yours lokk beautiful compared to mine! Another days project...Have a great day- and no pics yet of the redo.. waiting for the dryer to stop.. he he

Elise said...

I am not bored. Enjoying our little tour of your home, really. I love the shelf your husband made and the one with towels.

Sandy said...

I love your bathroom!
Boy could I ever have fun re-doing that one. I would put a old dresser as the sink and counter and then in the back corner you could build a linen closet, behind the door.

I just love decorating...I always said I was in the wrong career...lol


Jo-Anne said...

Well, i just wish you would hurry and show us ALL of your house!! :)

This is a fun bathroom, Mary. I also like how your door turned out. (yesterday's post)

Nicole said...

Ya know, you never know when your going to need two sinks :). I am enjoying the tour of your home, so keep it up. Your bathroom is way cute, I love the little white dress hanging from the wreath and your hubby did a great job on the shelf.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Sandy, I have already begun to redo the bathroom in my mind. LOL. Believe it or not I already thought of exactly what you said. But for now it is functional and I have other things I want to do first.


This Country Girl said...


There's always something WE would do different, isn't there? I think you've done a great job with it! It just looks like it's perfect for a farmhouse! Not everybody can say they have a layout like that...right?

By the way, if you're serious about shutters for your big living room window...hubby said he would build them. Just contact me through etsy and we'll talk about size, and color and stuff.

Have a great Tuesday!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Your bathroom is cute as can be! Our two bathrooms are a nice size, but no windows in either one! At first I didn't mind too much, but it has gotten old after 8 years!

carolyn at cranberry crossings: said...

Hi! Me again....you have been TAGGED! Drop by my place for the details... :)

Elise said...

You make me laugh..."where the heck have I been"
Chuckle, chuckle!!