Friday, May 16, 2014

Bolster Pillow Fiasco

Why do I keep going on hiatus all the time?  This time I have a very good excuse.  Steve and I are no longer together as of about 2 weeks ago.  It was very hard at first, but it is getting easier.  I have been spending time with my kids and working.  My well meaning friends have been introducing me to new people.  Heck, I even have a new friend who works for Folger's coffee.  So, I have been getting free coffee now!  Woot! Woot!  I have found one I love Coconut Cream Pie.  I add a little vanilla creamer and I am set. Lol.  Anyway, I just haven't been feeling like crafting much as I adjust to it just being me with the kids. 

That being said... I bought some actual vintage blue and white striped mattress ticking awhile back while on a shopping excursion with a good friend of mine.  It was a really long piece but odd shaped.  I wasn't sure at first what I wanted to do with it until recently.  There were some stained parts on it and I don't even want to think about what it is.  LOL So, I looked to make sure I had enough good parts to make a bolster pillow case.

At first, I wasn't sure whether to make 2 pillow shams or a bolster. For a very long time I have used pillow shams and now they are falling apart.  So I went to my trusty Facebook friends and I decided on one single long pillowcase.   One of my friends told me that she had bought one from Family Heirloom Weavers and just went and bought a cheap body pillow to stuff it with. Bing! The light bulb went on.  Of to their website I went hoping to find the dimensions of theirs.  I found that it was 21" X 57".  That gave me some direction.  Off to the cutting board I went.  I have no idea why this measurement threw me off so much.  I had to keep measuring and remeasuring.   When I cut I always give myself extra fabric because I always mess up something.  I cut my pieces matched it all up and sewed around the case.  Easy Peasy! I thought this is going great!  Well, you know I should probably wash this now that it is done before I put my head or body near it. Into to the washer it went.  What? Wait why are there so many strings. I shrugged it off and threw it into the dryer.  Ahhh yes it's finished.  Let's get it out and put it on the pillow.  I take it out of the dryer only to find...

None of the seams held!!!!! They all pulled out because mattress ticking ravels as you can see. All of my seams were now gone.  GRRRRRRRR!!!!! Now what?!?!!? Well, I threw it on my sewing table and walked away. I was so upset it didn't work that I didn't even want to see it for a few days.  Plus I was trying to figure out how I was going to fix it. I am NOT going to waste this fabric!  Today, finally, I went downstairs and attempted to fix it.  What I ended up doing to it is folding over the edges and sewing through all 4 layers instead of 2 like normal.  Unfortunately, I did had to shorten the overall width on both sides.  The length was still ok though.  So, here it is all finished.

I really like it.  It is an awesome addition to MY bed.  It's awesome creating things just for me and not having to think if someone else will like it. :-) 

Have a great weekend my friends.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Cabinet Makeover

While I was absent from blog land last year Steve and I did a little picking.  One day I happened to be on Craigslist and saw an ad for a used furniture store in Danville Ohio.  They had posted some pictures of some really great furniture.  Yeah, yeah, I know I have enough as it is, but I still wanted to go check it out.  The pictures were very enticing.  A girl can never have enough primitive furniture. LOL.  Though I have quite a few things in my garage at the moment that aren't being used. Again I say you can never have enough prim furniture.  I'm always changing things out.  Anyway,  one of the things I picked was this cabinet.

You all know I don't use too many white things in my d├ęcor.  It's just not me. But I knew as soon as I saw it I HAD to have it because the price was awesome.  I figured I could always change the color of it or wipe some stain on it to tone it down.  Of course I had no idea where I would use it but you know how the rest goes.  Well, it sat in my garage for a few days before I figured out what to do.  If I painted it the only color I could come up with was black.  I am really trying to get away from newly painted furniture and go with either old chippy paint or wood tone.  So I decided....

to strip it.  As you can see I did take the doors off the cabinet.  I like doors but these were going to be a bear to try and strip.  Lucky for me it was a two piece cabinet.  Unlucky for me the two pieces wood did NOT match once they were both stripped!  It was a married couple that someone painted the same color to match.  So, remember that tid bit of info.  If you have two different pieces and want to use them together and want them to look the same paint them the same color.  So after several days of stripping and sanding this is how they look now...

Yes, there is till some white on them.  I don't mind it though because I think it gives it character.  I like using them separately.  I tried stacking them together but it was just too big in my living room. I know the picture below is hard to see with all the furniture in front of it and it really is not red like in the picture.  I had to use a flash on my camera today because it is a little overcast.   It really is a dried out wood look.
Remember, when you are out picking, that paint colors can always be changed if you don't like it.  That being said if it is original paint or milkpaint I would never think of painting or stripping a piece.  But if you find a great deal all it takes is a little elbow grease to turn it into something you'll love.

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Monday, April 28, 2014

So Mad...

Remember the hooked rug I have been working on?  Well,  I am so mad.  I didn't look well enough and there is a hole in the burlap right in the center.  I do NOT want to have to throw this away because of a stupid hole.

I have made some progress on it albeit slow progress. LOL.  I have been searching the web trying to figure out how to fix it.  I believe I can patch it with another piece of burlap.  The problem is I don't have any more.  Maybe I can cut a piece off the edge to piece it.  All I know is I have to do something.  UGHHH!!!!

This is what I've done so far.

See the hole is smack dab right in the middle.  I do have a little extra on the edge I might be able to use.  If any of you have any suggestions please let me know.  I really would like to hook this completely.

Well, I hope you have a great day while I go stare and sulk until I figure out something.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I've Got Worms!!!!

Ewwww I've got worms!!!! LOL Did I get your attention?  No, not a tape worm.  My weight would tell you that I weigh what I eat.  I don't have a worm living in my intestines taking the nutrients away.  I've seen that on different TV shows.  That is gross! OK let's stop talking about that.  Who brought that up anyway? No, I'm not going fishing.  Are you kidding? I can't stand seeing worms on the sidewalk in the Spring after it rains let alone touch one to bait a hook.  ICK!  I will walk 2 feet out of my way just to not step on one. Alright enough with the gross worm visions.  I'll probably have night mares about them now. 

I have these kind of worms... LOL

I have been busy cutting my wool into "worms" 1/4" wide so that I can hook.  Yes, I'm telling you I want to be a hooker. LOLOLOL Really??? Not that kind of hooker!  I know bad joke. Though you do see red on top.  I tell you it is an all day job cutting with a ruler and rotary cutter.  I am not investing in a wool cutter because, well, I am cheap.  Anyway, I spent most of the day (after I went to the Goodwill shhhhhh) cutting up some wool skirts and blazers I found.  Then I pulled out all of my other wool and have begun to "full" or "felt" the wool so I can use it. 

This was cleared off believe it or not!  This is the remaining wool I need to wash.  I have 2 loads in my washer and dryer now.  Then after it's all washed and dried there are a few pieces I'm going to check to be sure they are 100% wool.  The one of them said it but it doesn't feel like the correct thickness I need.  Anyway, this is what I've been doing.  Next, I need to figure out where the heck I'm going to store all of these worms.  Why must I have such an addiction to fabric?  ugghhh... I guess I could have worse addictions. LOL.

Oh gosh!  I forgot to show you my finished pieces I did yesterday with Steve's help.  I'm still working on patterns but I just LOVE how these turned out.  See? My LOVE of Redware/folk art coming out.  I hope to get the patterns ready to sell tomorrow. :-)

Well, people around this house seem to think they need to eat dinner.  So, I better get to it and feed the hungry mouths.  Talk to you soon <3 p="">
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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

I'm a Hoarder

I hope everyone had a great Easter!  We did here at the homestead.  Dinner was here Saturday night with family and Sunday we had my son's girlfriend and her brother over since their Mom had to work.  We had a great time playing card games all day.

I am a hoarder and I'm proud of it today!  LOL.  If you have been with me for any length of time you know I used to scour thrift stores from here to there.  I'd buy all kinds of things because you never know when you might need it again.  I also bought things with a project in mind and then never quite got there.  I have to admit that since the first of the year I don't go to the thrift store as much.  Yes, I still go but maybe once every couple of weeks.  I am proud of that by the way. LOL.  If I do go it is only to look for stitching floss, aida cloth, linen, or patterns.  I no longer buy things to redo.  I am content with what I have now.  It has taken me a long time to come to terms with it, but I'm glad I am.

I digress.  OK back in my thriftaholic days... I happened to see some pieces of burlap at the thrift store.  I figured for sure I could figure out something to do with it.  What kind prim person doesn't have a little burlap right?  So into my cart it went all folded up nicely.  This was found at one of the nicer thrift stores I go to. LOL  I didn't bother to unfold it because burlap is burlap.  I'm sure it will be fine.I bring it home, lay it out all nice, and lo and behold what do I spy?  Yes, a wool rug hooking pattern.  Not just one but 2!!!! I was thrilled!!!  I will start it in a few weeks or so I thought.  Let me tell you it is 5 years later and here I am.

I assume the numbers correspond with some sort of color, but it didn't come with the burlap.  So, this will be a make it up as I go.  Yeah, yeah, I know pink, white, and brown aren't prim, but I am using wool I have collected over the years "because you never know when you will use it." LOL  So I am cutting my strips and will have to scour the thrift store for more wool.  I know I won't have near enough to do the whole thing.  This will take me forever, but it is a nice change from the normal cross stitch and punch needle.

Speaking of cross stitch...  I finished up my last pattern I designed.  I am in love with anything folk art. So, this guy is my favorite.  He is drying from his coffee stain bath.  I think this would make a really awesome punch needle project too!

This little sampler I never stained and it looked out of place so it got a light dribble stain on it.  It looks so much better now.

I hope you are having a productive day like I am. :-)  I need to wash some wool I collected so that it is suitable for hooking.  I need to find the directions.  I know I saw them somewhere on my Pinterest board.

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Friday, April 18, 2014

New Finishes and Patterns

I have been busy like a beaver recently.  I'm trying to finish up projects instead of only finishing them half way like I usually do.  I guess when it comes to finishing I get mental blocks.  The only thing I can think of is framing and there are so many other ways.  In fact I have a ton of them saved on my Pinterest boards.  I just never think to look. LOL. 

Here are 2 finishes that aren't actually framed.

This is called "Welcome Spring."  My awesome stitcher Reeta stitched up the sample for me.  I decided it would look cute on a coffee stained green bag.  I have it hanging on one of my peg racks.  I also have the pattern ready and up for sale if you are interested.

The second finish is a punch needle.  This is my own design.  I don't normally decorate red, white, and blue but thought it was fitting for this one.   It will be for sale once I get a few things finished up.

Steve is working on a new frame for me because I had to keep moving this one in my normal hoop frame and it wasn't working so well.  I can't wait because I will be able to punch needle as well as rug hook on it.

I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!  I am off on a holiday. Can you believe it? lol.  I am battling a nasty UTI but that hasn't stopped me from stitching.  I am working on another Redware type cross stitch pattern.  I think it would look good as a punch needle pattern too!  Until next time my friends.  Remember the real reason of Easter :-)

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Less is More....

Today I planned on doing laundry, finishing up some projects, and cleaning the house.  Well, um... I did some of it. lol.  I started my laundry and as that was running I sewed up a few things in order to be able to coffee stain them.   I painted the picture frame I needed.  I picked out the fabric I wanted to use with my newest punchneedle piece.  Priorities people!!!!  Projects before housework!!! At least that is my motto. LOL.  Then I poured my second cup of java sat down in my messy dining room and decided to heck with cleaning let's rearrange.  I have been informed by some of my like minded friends that this is OK because I dust things off as I move them.  That's cleaning right?  So, I went through my dining room and moved things around a bit.  I took some things out to try once again to simplify.  It is so hard because I have so many collections.  I actually thought about needing more crocks, but looked around and geez I have more than I thought. LOL. I can't help it.  I just LOVE them as well as my wood bowl collection.  ughhh.... it's a curse I tell you!!! I can't have just 2 or 3 of something. Oh no!!! It has to be a ton.  And that my dear friends is why I am running out of room to put stuff here at the homestead.

WARNING: Picture heavy!!!  This is as far as I got today in the dining room.  Still sort of Springy in here don't you think?

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish up all my unfinished projects and then stitch on my newest cross stitch pattern I started yesterday at work.
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